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About the Program

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable children to learn through play.  Play is one of the most important indicators in a child’s social, emotional and academic growth. Preschool provides children with the opportunity to join with their peers in cooperative play. 













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Three Day Program

Our three day program is MWF mornings from 9-12pm or 12:30 if your child stays for “Lunch Bunch”. Children bring their own lunches for Lunch Bunch. The three day program is for children 4-5 years of age. 


In our three day program along with stimulating the process for cooperative play, we try to begin to stimulate the process of critical thinking.  

  • How do things work?

  • Why do they work?

  • What can we do to make it work?

  • How does one thing fit with another?


These questions are spread across language arts and number awareness themes. Our themes again are intermingled with seasonal activities and special child interest.


Our main focus in the three day program is to have children become excited, comfortable, and delighted with the process of learning!


Tuition for our program is $290/month.  


There is a $100 nonrefundable enrollment and activity fee due at the time of enrollment.  This fee supports special visitors throughout the year as well special activities.  Tuition is due on the first class day of each month.


Tuition is required whether or not the child attends school.  

School Begins/Ends/Breaks


Pied Piper generally follows the Scarborough School Calendar. However we begin the Second Week of September and end the first week in June. We have the same school vacation breaks, except for an extra week at Christmas.  We do not take all of the Teacher Workshop days and you will be notified as to which ones we will take. 

Arrival and Dismissal


Please bring children into the school via the back door where our Pied Piper sign is. Children are not allowed to go out to the parking lot unattended.  


Our start time 9 AM-should you need to bring your child to school earlier than these times please make arrangements with Miss Kristen, Mrs. Penley or myself. Children should be picked up at 12 PM or 12:30 PM (Lunch Bunch).  If you are running late or have a special issue please let us know.


Please provide the names of all persons who are permitted to pick up your child.



Children should wear comfortable clothes so they can Play!!!!


We will play outside weather permitting, so always provide a jacket and appropriate weather clothes.  


Please label all clothing with your child’s name.



We will have show“n”tell approximately every other month.  Children should bring on special treasure to show their classmates.  


Show and  Tell treasures are kept on the shelf until circle time.  


Please try to leave toys at home when not brought in for Show and Tell. Many times little feelings are hurt if a toy becomes broken or lost.  We certainly understand if this is a struggle.  



We provide a small snack of juice or water and crackers of some sort for snack.  We welcome special treats for birthdays or holidays.  Please inform us of any allergies your child might have.



Children are always accompanied to the bathroom.  We will need an extra set of clothes for you child to keep at school.  Accidents do happen!!!


Immunizations and COVID policies


The state requires us to have a record of your child’s immunizations. Please provide this at the beginning of the school year. Your child cannot start school without this.  Please let us know if you have any questions. Please note that if Scarborough schools are still masking, we will as well.  We follow the Maine CDC’s rules for Covid protocol as closely as possible.  If you have questions about our Covid policies, please reach out to us.


f your child is ill please keep them home from preschool.  Unfortunately, during these pandemic times we must adhere to a strict policy with regard to illness. 


Developmental Services

Developmental services are available through Child Development Services, if you feel your child would benefit from services.  We will inform you if we observe that your child might also benefit.  We try to facilitate all language development regarding intelligibility, English as a second language, and pronunciation. 

Parental Involvement 

Parental Involvement: If you would like to volunteer or do a special presentation for our class please let us know.

Questions and Concerns


We are available at anytime to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.  


Our main focus is the children-please feel free to speak to us at anytime.

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